How do I return my order?

To return your item, you can contact our team to fill in the form . Please fill in the order number, article SKU and quantity, with the reason of return. Then our Customer Service will handle your ticket as soon as possible.
You’ll receive a message from our customer service as soon as possible with your free return options.

When will I receive my refund?

It takes between 10 to 15 business days. This depends on the payment method you paid with. 

What are the return conditions?

The cooling off period for products is 30 days. The return period starts on the day you receive the item. Multiple items in one order? Then you're in luck. The cooling off period only takes effect once you have received all your products.

My item has arrived damaged

We’re very sorry to hear your item is damaged. You can get in contact with our team with the detailed pictures. They can help you with your request.

Will I receive a full refund including transport costs?

To receive your full refund, it’s important to in its original state. You can check out the product, but not actually use it to try it out (e.g. it’s not possible cook with a pan and then return it).
The return is FREE of charge if you use our returns procedure and our specific courier. If you choose to return the item through another courier, we can’t refund the transport costs.

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